The Plenary opening session ceremony will take place at the Mutualité; it will include some invited talks. The scientific sessions will be organized in parallel on Pierre & Marie Curie University Campus and in the National Museum of Natural History amphitheatres. All these places are separated by less than 500 m.

Jardin Musée© Jérôme Minier


Jussieu© Antoine Duhamel


English will be the official language of the meeting.


Detailed instructions for preparation of posters and talks will be given in the second circular.

Collected abstracts will be published on-line and made available on memory sticks to all participants.

Download here the sessions in detail


Scientific sessions



S1 Ancient ecosystems trapped in amber B. Wang, V. Perrichot, E. Jarzembowski
S2 Angiosperms, from the beginning to their diversification A. Boura, D. De Franceschi, J.B. Diez-Ferrer
S3 Back to the sea: from Late Palaeozoic to Cenozoic, the Tetrapod adventure N. Bardet, V. Fischer, A. Houssaye, S. Jouve, O. Lambert, P. Vincent
S4 Big Data in Paleontology: sharing knowledge for leveraging research options W. Kiessling, L. Villier, J. Bardin
S5 Biodiversity changes through times: crisis and radiations S. Crasquin, T. Addatte
S6 Biominerals through time: evolution, taphonomy and traces in the geological record A.H. Knoll, K. Benzerara, S. Bernard
S7 Bird in the past environments D. Angst, A. Chinsamy-Turan
S8 Cenozoic palaeobiology of the tropical Americas: palaeoecology, biodiversity and evolution D.A.T. Harper, S.K. Donovan, R.W. Portell
S9 Coevolution of Life and Environments: Integrating the Paleoecological, Sedimentological and Geochemical Records L. Tackett, L. Tarhan
S10 Conservation paleobiology and historical ecology of marine ecosystems P.G. Albano, A. O’Dea, M. Zuschin

Data, dispersals and interchanges through time: a land mammal perspective

P.O. Antoine, V. Zeitoun,  L.J. Flynn 
S12 Early animal life J. Vannier, J.B. Caron
S13 Evolution of Indo-Pakistan biotas from the break-up of Gondwanaland (Late Jurassic) to the initiation of the collision with Eurasia (Eocene): between endemism and dispersals G. Métais, D. De Franceschi, G.V.R. Prasad
S14 Evolution of trees and forests B. Meyer Berthaux, A.L. Decombeix, P. Gerrienne
S15 Experimental approaches in paleontology: new data from old fossils G. Merceron, T. Tütken, G. Bérillon
S16 Fossil 2D/3D imagery: approaches, advances, management R. Lebrun,M. Orliac, I. Rahman I. Rouget, G. Clément
S17 Fossils and Recent, molecules and morphology: dialogs in phylogenetics G. Billet, N. Puillandre, G. Giribet
S18 Functional morphology of the cranium in vertebrates C. Pfaff, J. Kriwet
S19 How to build a palaeontological collection : expeditions, excavations, exchanges. E. Buffetaut, I. Podgorny
S20 Intimate interactions O. Béthoux, N. Robin, T. Wappler
S21 Konservat-Lagerstätten S. Charbonnier, J.T. Haug
S22 Life in Palaeozoic seas and oceans E. Nardin, V. Perrier, T. Vandenbroucke
S23 Life in the time of Pangaea: volcanism, warming, anoxia, acidification and extinction A.M. Dunhill, D.P.G. Bond, P.B. Wignall
S24 Macroecology and the Fossil Record G. Escarguel, E. Fara, S. Fritz
S25 Mesozoic Paleontology and Paleoenvironments of Indochina J. Legrand, T. Tsuihiji, T. Komatsu
S26 Microorganism evolution and interaction with biogeochemical cycles and climate A. Bartolini, S. Gardin, L. O'Dogherty
S27 Neogene continental environments in Africa and Eurasia B. Senut, L. Ségalen, N. Fagel
S28 New trends in stratigraphy - Stratigraphic section (SGF) session E. Nardin, D. Desmares, J. Palfy
S29 Origins of phyla and the assembly of animal body plans D. Murdock, I. Rahman, A. Daley, P.  Smith
S30 Palaeobiodiversity of Southeast Asia H. Tong, V. Suteethorn, J. Claude

Palaeontology and geological heritage

G. Egoroff, S. Charbonnier, A. Lefort

S32 Paleobiodiversity and evolutionary history of vertebrates in Africa N. Jalil, E. Gheerbrant, A. Chinsamy-Turan, E. Seiffert
S33 Paleobiogeography S. Kiel
S34 Shell beds through time: implications for paleoecology, taphonomy and evolution J.H. Nebelsick, M. Zuschin, A. Tomasovych
S35 Testing and developing Phylogenetic methods in Palaeontology J.O’Reilly, M. Puttick, D. Pisani, P. Donoghue
S36 The conservation of paleontological collections: challenge and perspectives V. Rouchon
S37 The Devonian: life, environments and time J. Marshall, L. Slavik, C. Brett
S38 The onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification (GOBE): fossils, radiations and Lagerstätten  - IGCP 653 session T. Servais, D. Harper, B. Lefèvre, A. Hunter
S39 The role of biotic interactions in the evolution of tropical ecosystems J.-R. Boisserie, Faysal Bibi
S40 Timetrees M. Laurin, G. Didier
S41 Vertebrate paleophysiology J. Cubo, A.K. Huttenlocker
S42 XXIst Century paleohistology of mineralized tissue M. Rücklin, G. Cuny, D. Germain, S. Sanchez
S43 Open session
D. Gommery, S. Peigne, M.B. Forel


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