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With more than 2,000 hotels, Paris provides visitors with stylish options at all price ranges. Bed & Breakfasts, youth hostels and furnished apartment rentals complete the wide accommodation offer. Conference participants have to make their own accommodation arrangements.

Paris is easily accessible by public transportation, so you can stay among the 20 arrondissement. If you want to stay near the Pierre & Marie Curie University and the National Museum of Natural History, where IPC5 will take place, we advise you to choose a hotel in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

Paris, known as the Capital of Gastronomy, invites travellers from all over the world to have a feast! The art of French cooking owes its success to the mastery of classic basics updated by today’s chefs. The city has the second highest number of Michelin-recommended restaurants in the world. Besides notorious haute-cuisine temples, Paris is replete with informal cafés, eccentric wine bars, vintage bistros, and the new bistronomiques, serving affordable modern cuisine in a casual setting. Finding baguettes of unrivalled crispness is no challenge here. All sorts of world cuisines are also well represented.

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